How to Fix Black Screen Problem When Playing VLC Player in Elementary OS

With fresh Elementary OS (Juno), I installed VLC media player, a popular free and open source multimedia player. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vlc When I tried playing a video in VLC, I only see black screen. But playing the video works in Audience, the default Elementary OS video player. To fix the black […]

How to install System Monitor in Elementary OS

System Monitor is a system tool in Linux that allows user to view and control the processes running on their system. It provides summary of the resource usage on your system, including memory and CPU allocation. By default, it is not installed in Elementary OS (Juno). To install system monitor, open the terminal and run […]

How to bookmark folder in Pantheon File Manager

This is very easy but it took me few minutes to figure it out. In other Linux desktop environment, I usually drag the folder to the left side panel of file manager to have a shortcut on it. But it did not work in Pantheon, the Elementary OS file manager. To add it as shortcut […]